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G65 code implementation


We are working on G65 code implementation which allow to work with parameterized macros. G65 code runs macro program with number, programmed in P parameter.
Up to 21 local variables could be sent to the macro through A-Z parameters.

In a screenshot is shown peck drilling cycle (G83) repeated in a line by running G65 with macro O9911.
Number of drills is programmed by H parameter; distance between drills programmed by U parameter; line angle angle programmed by A parameter.


Listing of nc program is below:

(XY - position)
(U - distance between points)
(A - angle)
(H - number of points)

G83 Z-10 Q2. R0.5 L0
G65 P9911 X10 Y20 A30 U10 H5



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