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There is available documentation for myTHC-RU01 Torch height controller and myServo-A01 servo driver on documentation page.

Also new 1.53 version of myCNC software available on download page.


User manuals for control boards myCNC-ET1 & myCNC-ET2 are available for download now on Documentation page

myPlasma coming soon.

myPlasma is control system kit to build Plasma Power source, based on chopper IGBT technology (step-down converter). myPlasma kit includes:

  • myPlasma control board - ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller based board, that runs complete control of Plasma Power source
    • 4 channel PWM control;
    • 2 channel Plasma current sensor measure;
    • 2 channel Plasma voltage measure;
    • 5 channel GPIO binary inputs (optoisolated);
    • 6 channels relay outputs;
    • optoisolated RS485 bus channel for connection to CNC machine;
    • USB connector for programming/configuration;
  • Driver boards for power IGBT module with opto-isolation;
  • Relay board;
  • LED indicator board with keys/encoder for Current setup;
  • Closed-Loop Hall-based ultra-fast Current Sensor (made by Honeywell);
  • Power IGBT modules (made by Semicron);
  • Frequency ignition unit (on demand);


myPlasma electronics board kit for Chopper based Plasma Power source

Main features:

  • Soft plasma ignition;
  • Current range from 25A;
  • Tested solution to build power sources for Current - 130, 160, 260, 320 Amps;
  • 400 Amps power source is under developing;
  • Complete integration with myCNC control system;
  • Automatic or Manual gas console compatible;

We are testing now a third revision of our driver for synchronous servo motors.

New board includes servo driver, one axes motion controller with stand alone working mode and 1MByte flash memory for motion programs, integrated simple PLC controller for 3 output collector outputs (200mA, 24V) and 4 opto-isolated binary inputs.

Integrated motion controller and driver can be programmed through either LAN (Ethernet), RS485 or USB channels.

Power IGBT 3 phase bridge module controls motors up to 1200 Watt.

Driver control suits for synchronous (AC Servo / BLDC) motors with 3 or 4 magnetic poles and incremental encoder as feedback sensor.

We tested the driver with 200, 400, 600, 750 and 1000 Watt motors made by Fulling Motor and Hangzhou Mige Electric Co

 Servo driver myServo-A01 third rev


myCNC software updated.

Version 1.48 is available for Windows and Linux  MacOS version is available on request.


  • Macros can be configured for each profile separately;
  • HPGL import bugfixes;
  • New engine for user-defined configuration widgets

    myCNC control software, userdefined widgets
  • Library shapes engine works completely; we will be adding new shapes there;

  • Homing procedures changed with using macros;
  • Some bug-fixes;


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