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myCNC is multi-platform CNC control software which provide HMI (Human machine interface) with myCNC controllers
(myCNC-ET1,  myCNC-ET3, myCNC-ET4, myCNC-ET5).
Simulator mode available as well. At the moment myCNC software is
available for Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS, Embedded Linux for ARM (Cubeboard2 computer board).

myCNC control software is free. You can download and test it before you choose to buy myCNC controllers. Please
feel free to contact us if you have questions about running myCNC software properly in simulator mode.


PLEASE CHECK LAST RELEASES on our website http://www.pv-automation.com/download

Release Date

MS Windows
(32 bit)

MS Windows

Linux x86_32
Linux x86_64
(32bit & 64 bit)

Embedded Linux

 2016 Aug23  myCNC-1.86.979






Download myCNC control software (MAC)   

 myCNC-1.81.63 for Mac OS(64 bit) Simulator

 myCNC-1.81.63 for Mac OS(64 bit) Ethernet

  2013 Jan06   

 Mac version is for demo/testing only.
 We are looking for beta-testers.


  • To change the GUI language -
    press Settings tab icon(screwdriver and spanner) -> last item -> last sub-item -> change language to "en";

    then press save button (floppy disk icon) and restart the software. After restart it should be in English.
  • Changing configuration is protected by password (default password is "mycnc");