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(updated 2010/12/23)

Controller board myCNC-UP2 is deprecated at the moment. Use instead myCNC-ET1 Ethernet CNC/Motion/PLC controller which has similar on-board motion controller and peripherals but extra Ethernet connection to Host PC, USB host port and optional stand-alone working mode.


MyCNC-UP2 «All-in-One» type of CNC controllers with USB/FiberOptic Serial Bus connection to PC Host.

myCNC-U controller is electronic board, based on NXP 32-bit 70MHz ARM (optional 100MHz ARM Cortex M3) CPU. The control includes two main functional modules:

  1. Multi-axes (up to 8) motion controller with true line and arc interpolator;
  2. Programmable logic controller (PLC).

 USB CNC controller myCNC-UP2

  USB CNC 6 axes controller - myCNC-UP2 (top side)

USB CNC controller myCNC-UP2

  USB CNC 6 axes controller - myCNC-UP2 (bottom side)


Multi-axes motion controller (interpolator)

A lot of CNC controllers on the market are just pulse-generators. PC CNC software runs interpolation task and sends to CNC controller result of calculations. CNC controller generates pulses according to task.

Motion interpolator Integrated into the board is a distinctive feature of myCNC controller. PC CNC software send to the controller high-level command in special language (something like: «go arc with params {radius, start angle, end angle, start speed, acceleration, completion time}»). CNC controller has command buffer and can run motion program quite long time «off-line».

Advantages of this type of system:

  • No special requirements for PC Processor (not only Intel Core and AMD Athlon, but Intel Atom, VIA or AMD Geode processors for embedded systems or netbooks suit perfectly for PC CNC.
  • High stability to electromagnetic interference while plasma or oxy ignition/cutting because of command buffer.
  • Ability to run special algorithms for axes control (axes transformations, bevel corner interpolations) without intervention into PC CNC software.


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

There are technological codes on NC-programs like Cut on/off, Marking on/off, Tools on/off. With integrated PLC controller there is ability to set procedure for each/all technological codes.

While running NC-program CNC controller stops motion when meets technological NC-code, run PLC byte code and wait results from PLC-controller.
NC-motion is continued when PLC ready signal is received. If PLC error signal happens, CNC controller stops running NC-program and sends message to CNC control software.

PLC programming language is similar to C language. PLC programs can be redesigned flexibly by CNC controller or CNC machine manufacturer as well as by  customers. PLC byte code is downloaded from CNC software and saved into CNC controller EEPROM.

With Integrated PLC controller wide range of technological equipments for cutting and marking, input sensors, cooler systems, pumps, spindle so on  could be managed by myCNC controller.

myCNC-UP2 controller has a lot of peripherals on the board - digital opto-isolated inputs and relays outputs, PID controllers, PWM and transistor keys outputs, 0-10V DAC output, ADC inputs, CAN-bus and RS485 ports etc. All peripherals are controlled trough PLC or directly from myCNC software. UP2 series of myCNC controllers suits forcomplicated CNC applications


myCNC-UP2 series controllers technical parameters.


 Electrical characteristics
 Power supply (USB CNC controller) / Stepper motor driver 24V DC
 Current (USB CNCcontroller) 1 A
 CNC controller parameters

Number of axes


Number of motor supported


 Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Yes

Number of PLC relay outputs


Number of opto-isolated PLC inputs,

Number of transistor keys/PWM outputs
Number of PID controllers (1A 24V PWM output control and 0-5V ADC input) 3
DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) output 0-10V  1
ADC inputs (0-5V)
 CAN-bus port
 RS485 port

Integrated in CNC controller motion interpolator


Type of interpolation support

  • Linear (all axes simultaneous interpolation).
  • Arc (arc interpolation on XY axes with simultaneous linear interpolation on rest the axes).
  • Spiral (similar with arc interpolation but with linearly varying arc diameter)
  • «Bevel corner transition» interpolation (motion according NC-codes with automatic additional non-linear tilt/rotate motion of Bevel rotator to avoid «stops» and «loops» on bevel corners (only for B06 series)
  • Spline interpolation (Optional for special request/purpose
  • Interpolation interval (Calculation speed), us

    Automatic axes transformation for number of different type of Bevel Rotators

    Yes (for B06 series)

    CNC controller board CPU

    32-bit ARM 70MHz

    Connection with PC

    USB 2.0 (myCNC-U series);
    RS232 (myCNC-R2 series);
    RS485/RS422 (myCNC-R4 series);
    Fiber-optic serial bus (myCNC-P or myCNC-UO series);
     Pulse width
    0,5 us
    1,0 us
    1,5 us
    2,0 us
    2,5 us
    3,0 us
    3,5 us
    8,0 us
     Maximum pulse frequency
    75 kHz (stepper version)
    1000 kHz (servo version)



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