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MyCNC-P00 series of CNC controllers is designed for heavy gantry-type multi-head CNC cutting machines with different cutting technologies installed on a machine (plasma, oxy-fuel, water-jet cutting, plasma marking, bevel cutting with tripple torch or one torch bevel rotators).

It's «multi-board» solution which contains several electronic boards with different functionality.


  1. PCI Master controller.
  2. Operator console controller (Optional).
  3. Automation controller.
  4. Autogas controller board.
  5. Motion controller.



Electronic parts of myCNC PCI controller.


1. PCI Master controller.

Master controller is PCI-card, which should be installed into CNC PC.

  PCI Master controller card


Master controller provide interface between PC and peripheral units (oxyfuel cutting autogas controller, operator console controller, motion controller and automation controller). Master controller is connected with other devices through fiber optic serial bus or wired serial bus. With fiber optic connection the CNC PC can be installed either directly on the CNC cutting machineor "stand-alone" separetely from a machine on a distance up to 100m.

For connection It is used reliable, cheap and easy-to-use plastic fiber optic cable.

2. Operator console controller (Optional).

For simple and cheap CNC machines standard PC keyboard is used as operator console in general.



For heavy industrial use special operator panel can be used.

The panel contains:

  • Special film-keyboard with only keys, that are need to operate CNC software;
  • Contactless joystick for torch jogging at XYZ axes;
  • Alarm keys to break all operations;
  • Optional addition panel with Led Plasma arc voltage and gas pressure indicator; head/torch switchers on/off with led indicator; torch height control on/off switcher; gas purge and cut testiong swutchers and some others


myCNC electronics - operator console controller

All this units are controlled by Operator console controller board.

The board connected with master controller through serial bus (fiber or wired). This allows to reduce considerably wiring through machine.


3. Automation controller.

Automation controller is 32-bit ARM-microprocessor based electronic board. The board contains all types of electronic peripherals for managing and monitoring all kind of units that are used for plasma cutting process (plasma power source, plasma ignition frequency unit, automatic or manual gas pneumatic unit, alarm sensors, Z-axis DC actuator, torch height control, initial height control, etc).

The controller is interfaced with the CNC system through opto isolated half-duplex serial bus.


myCNC controller components - automation controller

myCNC controller components - Automation controller board.

The automation controller embedded software includes programs for:
  • Monitoring all input sensors and stop all processes if any alarm happens
    (any of end switches, no plasma sensor, no gas pressure sensor, etc);
  • Controls all peripherals for plasma cutting process (plasma power source,
    oscillator, gas valves etc);
  • Auto gas control. The system automatically sets all gas pressures depending on working mode, metal thickness, the plasma source and the plasma torch being used. The automation controller drives proportional pneumatic valves over PWM power outputs.
  • Torch height control (THC). Anarc voltage can be set in CNC software depending on plasma torch and metal thickness. The system continually monitors plasma arc voltage, uses it as a feedback sensor and drives Z-axis with integrated PID-controller and keeps distance from torch tip to working sheet as constant.

 Automation controller technical data:

  • CPU - 32-bit ARM processor 60MHz;
  • Number of opto isolated inputs - 24;
  • Number of transistor keys output for realys (150mA max Current for each output pin) - 21;
  • 4-channel PWM output with power transistors (5A max current for each pin). It's used for
    plasma autogas control system;
  • 2-channel analogue inputs for monitoring Plasma arc and Power source voltage
    (0...300V input range);
  • 5-channel analogue inputs (0...5V input range);
  • Power invertor (24V, 5A) for Z-axis DC-motor;
  • 1 UART for external connections (remote diagnose, plasma power source, capacitory
    sensor etc);
  • 1 UART for connection with CNC control system;

The automation controller could be supplied with fuses/cross board and relay board.

myCNC controller components - Automation controller installed on a machine

myCNC controller components - Automation controller installed on a machine.

Each plasma/plasma marker/waterjet head with torch on a machine should be supplied by Automation controller board.


4. Autogas controller board.

Autogas controller board controls oxy fuel cutting process. myCNC software supports up to 8 oxy fuel cutting heads. Each oxy cutting head is controlled by Autogas controller board. With autogas controllers fully independent control of each head could be achieved.

The Autogas controller is based on microprocessor-based board which controls all aspects of oxy fuel cutting process:

  • Controls all gas valves/ electro-pneumatic proportional control valves during cutting process;
  • Monitoring all gas pressure/flow sensors;
  • Complete electronic control of all gas pressures/flows with integrated 3 channel PID-controller;
  • Controls automatic ignition unit;
  • Controls a head motion in vertical direction (Z-axis) through driving DC-actuator;
  • Torch height control (THC) system with capacitory sensor and integrated PID controller controls torch-working distance;
  • In real-time mode Receives all Sets from CNC software and send back all data about oxy fuel cutting process - gas pressures, working mode, height position, THC working mode etc;

The controller is connected with central computer through serial bus. There are two version of autogas controller available:
  • wired connection with central computer;
  • fiber-optic connection with central computer.

 myCNC controller - autogas controllers

myCNC controller - autogas controllers for fiber optic and wired connection with myCNC PC.



myCNC controller - autogas pneumatic unit with proportional pneumatic valvel

 myCNC controller - autogas pneumatic unit (plate with proportional pneumatic valves, valves and gas sensors).


5. Motion controller.

Motion contoller is DSP-based unit which contains 3/6 axes motion interpolator with integrated servo driver for brushless DC motors with Resolvers as a feedback.

  myCNC controller components - Motion controller.


 Motion control unit installed on a machine.

myCNC controller components - Motion controller DSP control board.

Motion unit control board with DSP TMS microprocessor


Motion controller embedded software contains:


  • 3- or 6-axis interpolator. There are implementaion of line, arc, spiral (arc with linearly variable radius value), spline interpolations, bevel corner interpolation.
  • 3- or 6- channel decoder for feedback sensor (resolver as standard, incremental encoder as option)
  • Closed-loop control system with PID controller for 3 or 6 motors;
  • up to 2kW for each channel power invertor with space vector modulation (sinusoidal voltage generator) for driving DC brushless synchronous or AC asynchronous servo motors.


Technical parameters:


  • Number of axis: 2, 3 or 6;
  • Calculation frequency/ Calculation period: 4kHz/250us;
  • Input Voltage:~3x110V -  ~3x220V;
  • Input Current: up to 3x10A;
  • Connection with CNC controller: serial bus (wired or fiber-optic);
  • Connection speed: 125kBps of 500kBps;
  • DSP processor frequency: 150MHz;
  • Type of cooling: up to 1kW servo motors - passive;
  • Servo motors support:
    • DC brushless synchronous servomotors with 3 or 4 magnetic poles;
    • AC asynchronous servomotors;
  • Power inverter driver: 3 phases full bridge with IGBT transistors;







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